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BHCA Board - August 2021 Update

Security Cameras

As one of our BHCA members recently referenced the topic of security cameras within our community, your BHCA board engaged Flock so that we could provide a refresh on this topic.  As a reminder, BHCA currently funds one Flock LPR camera at Colonial/Standard at an annual cost of about $2,000 per year.  Separately, the City has stated their intention of ultimately installing a camera at Langford Park.

Please reference the Security Cameras attachment.  The attachment has the existing BHCA funded camera in green. The navy blue markings indicate three Flock cameras to be installed by the City in the near-term:  1) NDH and Apple Valley, 2) NDH and Briarwood and 3) NDH somewhere below Colonial Drive.

If our community wanted to pursue the acquisition of additional cameras at BHCA expense, Flock suggested the light blue markings (priorities 1 through 4) at our remaining community entry/exit points.  The annual cost of additional Flock cameras is now about $2,500 per year.  Putting existing BHCA cash reserves aside, the additional cost of one additional camera would necessitate increasing either our membership or our annual dues about 30%.

Any additional expense outlay of this nature would need to be BHCA board vetted and BHCA membership approved.  If any BHCA members have a particular interest in pursuing additional security camera acquisition and would like to drive the consideration of this initiative, please reach out to our BHCA City Liaison, Bruce Edelston, at so that we can ensure it receives the attention required.


Colonial Bridge – Maintenance

As a reminder, your BHCA board has reached out to MARTA, Norfolk Southern and the City of Brookhaven to address Colonial Bridge aesthetic maintenance.  The City (Public Works) has instructed their maintenance crew to:

  • Trim limbs of trees and brush so they do not overhang over sidewalk

  • Cut down all the weeds between the curb and sidewalk and clear sidewalk area

  • Blow off leaves on the street

Additionally, they will verify that Colonial Drive is on their list of streets for street sweeping and will monitor and maintain right-of way in areas that do not directly abut private property.  To begin to address private party considerations, your BHCA board will be meeting with Cherokee Plaza property management in the near term. 

Engagements with MARTA and Norfolk Southern have been less fruitful, with MARTA appearing to be more likely than Norfolk Southern to partner in improvements.  A specific request to MARTA has been made to cut the vines on the bridge fencing overlooking their tracks and to then paint the fencing to address the rusting.

The BHCA board is committed with following up with Cherokee Plaza and MARTA on selected issues.  The responsibility for following up with the City on their above mentioned commitments falls to all community members within Brookhaven Heights, with concerns individually submitted on the Brookhaven Connect app (pictures attached).

Colonial Bridge – Painting and Signage

The City (Public Works) has responded that they will address any graffiti on the bridge, but that they will not paint the bridge.  Their position is due in at least part to somewhat conflicting positions on responsibility between Norfolk CSX, MARTA and the City.


We recognize that community members have previously taken the responsibility upon themselves to repaint the bridge.  As an alternative, we would like our BHCA membership to consider having professionally performed painting that would not only provide aesthetic improvement but would provide the community signage that several BHCA members have requested.  Madeleine Simmons has already indicated her support for this approach, although she would need to do some additional internal follow-ups to confirm that there would be no issues. As a reminder, any Brookhaven Heights signage would need to go through the review process and signage requiring new fixtures would need to be approved for placement on City right of way since Brookhaven Heights has no “common property.” 


If any BHCA members have a particular interest in pursuing painting/signing options for Colonial Bridge and would like to drive the consideration of this initiative, please reach out to our BHCA City Liaison, Bruce Edelston, at so that we can ensure that it receives the attention required. As with the consideration of additional security cameras, BHCA funding could potentially be used to support this endeavor as long as any community efforts are coordinated through the BHCA board, enabling us to seek membership approval when appropriate.

Roundabout and Annual BHCA Meeting

The City (Public Works) responded to our request to revisit the current signage at the Colonial/Oglethorpe roundabout to reinforce proper traffic flow and to consider a crosswalk to aid pedestrian traffic. The City responded that they are evaluating the way the roundabout is currently striped to see if traffic flow can be enhanced.  A crosswalk at the roundabout will not be approved, noting that studies have shown crosswalks of this nature create a false sense of security and can cause an increase in accidents.


The annual BHCA meeting will occur this Fall (October/November timeframe) at a date to be determined.  The board’s current intent is to hold the meeting in person with Zoom serving as a fallback medium.  In addition to addressing annual membership dues and board vacancies, this meeting could also address specific BHCA member initiatives (e.g. additional security cameras or signage) where BHCA funding is required.  To that end, I encourage any BHCA members that have a particular interest in a potential initiative to reach out to Bruce Edelston at so that it receives the attention required.

If you are not a BHCA member, I encourage you to join the BHCA at  While the BHCA board is pleased to communicate community wide updates with our non-BHCA members, we will only consider BHCA funded initiatives from our membership.



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